Metal Flip Fingertip Desk Toy


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How To Play?

1. Make it roll — To make the product roll, some skills are required. To get the hang of it, you will probably need some patience and practice. You can use your fingers to drag it, and then gently push it to make it roll up. The distance of the product rolls is different depending on the pushing force and angle, and it takes multiple tests to make the product roll farther.

2. Make it Fly — You can toss it and watch it flip in the air, then see if you can catch it.

3. Desktop finger top toy — You can hold the flip vertically or horizontally with your hand, and then rotate it to make the flip rotate continuously for a long time.

You can build a multiplayer game to see who can roll or flip longer distances or make up your own unique games!

Product Description:
Material: alloy material;
Size: about 3.8cm (1.5 in);
Color: Note actual color may vary;
Weight: 24-27g (less than 1 oz);
Packaging: 1pc.


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